Woohoo First Sale ClickBank

Woohoo! First Sale On ClickBank!


I finished writing my blog post on my website to day, so I thought I would take some time to update you all on what’s been happening on the business side of things for me.

I’m happy to report that with yesterday’s post that I reached my goal of writing 12 posts for the month for the SAC.

My goal is to write and publish a post everyday, but still wanted to document that I made this goal.

I’m also thrilled that my all-time written words from the time that I started my website is now over 500K!

The number of posts that are on my website is 251.

I should have been closer to 280 at this point.

I really hope I can catch up but that looks a little bleek.

While I was away in Mauritius, I made $117.50 all passively! How amazing is that?

And I probably only wrote 10 – 12 articles.

Then, I came back from the trip and didn’t even notice that I made my first Clickbank sale!

And it wasn’t cheap either. It costed the person like $297 and I made a commission of $136.86 cents!

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The basis of this post was initially created on Wealthy Affiliate by RDulloo

You can find more inspirational posts by this member, by typing their name into the search box at the site.

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2 thoughts on “Woohoo First Sale ClickBank

  1. Congratulations on your first Clickbank sale, I still remember mine like today, I never cashed that $21.16 first Clickbank check I received my mailbox, it is the best feeling.

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