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In the Hot Seat at Old Trafford, Manchester
In the Hot Seat at Old Trafford, Manchester

Hi, I’m Gordon McQue from Bonnie Scotland, hello to you all.

Glad you could join us – how are you doing?

I was born in the first month of the 60’s and got married in the last month of the 70’s. My wife and I have two adult children, four grandchildren and one brand new great-grandson.

I worked in engineering for 40 odd years, however various redundancies have made me more determined to seek a positive method of earning on the internet.

When I was wondering where to start in internet marketing, I found there were so many conflicting and competing schemes, programs and systems to choose from, so I’m now looking to help others get started.


More About Me

Work history :- Engineering Technician Apprentice, Draughtsman, CNC Programmer, Production Engineer, Production Manager, Project Sales Manager, Works Manager, Sales Account Manager and Internet Marketing Affiliate.

Qualifications :- HNC’s in Manufacturing Engineering, Numerical Control and Computer Data Processing (all during the early 1980’s) BSc (hons) in Psychology (attained at the Open University [home distance learning for non UK members] during the mid to late 1990’s).

I have now turned to the internet in pursuit of a better lifestyle and the holy grail of working from home and being my own boss.


Successful Business Training


Why Use This Site?

What I’m aiming to do with this site, is explaining what the various marketing techniques are available and getting you started up fast, to get moving and learning.

I am therefore looking forward to passing on my experiences and admitting to my own failures (note to self, NOT failures, just finding out ways that don’t work).

This research will investigate the various systems and opportunities on the internet and evaluate their effectiveness in producing the desired results.

Along the way interactive links (opening in new windows) will allow you to read additional articles and sample the opportunities described, to consider if the internet really can fulfil your budding entrepreneur’s wishes.

After you’ve tried out a few free memberships, you can then pick your favourite method and move on up.


Bad Experiences!

How many of you have experienced the disappointment of your honest efforts?

Have you had the stomach-churning feeling of earning commissions, but not being paid by the owner of the site you diligently promoted?

How about paying for programs that totally do not deliver or constantly require you to upgrade, to get to the “better” products.

I’m going to advise on these matters, help you get started and guide you away from these shocking experiences and pitfalls in your early days.


Prosperity Marketing System


What Does The Future Hold For You?

You’ll never know what the future holds for you or what will happen, if you don’t take a chance and follow a course of action.

Where are you going with your life? Have you ever wished you could break free and try something new?

Is there something that really interests you and you would like to explore how to try and develop it into something more substantial?

This is the basis of your niche, something more than a hobby, that you wish to spend much more time and energy exploring.


Consider A Better Way Of Living

Fed up with the 9-5, make a resolve to change it, I was doing 7-6.

Incompetent bosses, work-life not satisfying, nothing working out, waiting for the next redundancy.

Earnings not enough to pay for decent lifestyle?

It’s time to change all that and consider what the future could be like.

This could be a start of a beautiful lifestyle!


AWeber width=


What Can You Do To Change Things?

Take action and follow through.

Try something new that is much more satisfying to you.

Make a detailed plan and list all the things that need to be done, then work your way through it and keep going.

Take the first step, then another, then another…


Where Do I Start?

No Business Yet? That’s Ok.

Get started here :- Start Me Up Fast

Please also follow me on Twitter :- Gordon McQue – @Gordon_McQue

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the very best,


If you wish, send me a message :- Gordon@StartMeUpFast.com


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Other Useful Resources Which Will Help You Out

Free eBooks, Reports And Other Information

You can also sell and use these for promotion. Prospects do not buy straight off a link or a recommendation. They need to be warmed up to grow to know, like and trust you and your offer. Affiliates are competing with each other for attention on the same offers, and a bonus is a key way to differentiate your particular offer.

What Is A Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Many articles will give you the nuts and bolts of internet marketing, but not many will get to the bottom of what is successful online marketing. A comprehensive online marketing strategy can help you reach increasing numbers of potential clients.

Need Some Inspiration – It Don’t Come Easy – But There’s Help

Great inspirational stories about how to succeed. There are times when we can all use some inspiration. Sometimes you just can’t get yourself motivated, and you don’t have a clue about how to get started. Be encouraged if you are in a tough spot. Overcoming struggle is a part of every good story.

Technical Aids – Take Your Marketing Strategy Next Level

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Start Me Up Fast – Site Map – Easy Finder


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5 thoughts on “Gordon McQue – Aquarian – Breaking Free From Convention

  1. Hi Gordon,

    Think I went to school with you.

    I’m from Detroit, Michigan and remember going out with you once.

    I’ve been promoting “oh no you don’t” for a while

    Contact me to catch up.

    Love Mary

  2. Hi I am trying to earn for many years without success. I am already a free member of wealthy affiliate. Can I start earning if I follow you with free methods. I am ready to put long hours on internet.

    1. Hi Ramesh,

      Yes you can earn affiliate income with free methods, although it will probably take longer.

      I would suggest joining the free sites to get experience and judge which ones are best for you, before upgrading.

      Also, concentrate on building your website, as that is generally a free method of advertising.



  3. Noticed on Twitter a comment about Walt Disney :-

    https:/ /payseurs.com/disney1-greatest-deception/

    What do you make of it?

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