Funnel Programs

Funnel Programs are among the fastest rising tool not only in funnel building, but also in advertising.

And why wouldn’t it be?

It’s got almost everything a marketer may possibly require.

With new integrations and features rolling in, it is pretty much what every marketer should ever require.


High-Converting Funnels

Most people would pay top dollar just to have high-converting funnels in their marketing strategy and that includes using expensive tools.

Just imagine all the money you get to save on Web Designers, Web Developers, Email Automation Software, Affiliate Management Software, Landing Page Software and more should you use.


Prosperity Marketing System


Commitment And Effort

Of course, just because you decide to get a funnel, doesn’t mean that you have a paved way to surefire success laid out to you.

It’s going to need commitment and effort to make your business a success.

What better way to dive into than to take advantage of Funnel Hacks System.


Suite Of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who are looking to market their products or services through Firms who are keen to use and want training.

Firms who would like access to a full suite of entrepreneurs who want to try out with Actionetics and Backpack for a limited time with training to get the most out of the whole package before deciding to subscribe to the full package for the long-term.


Affiliate Funnel


Start Pages

Links of the Ultimate members are randomly chosen as our Start Pages for upcoming week.

Every link is being shown exclusively on a chosen Start Page position, not in some kind of rotator, without any extra charge or usage of credits.

Winners receive notifications about such bonus bookings on Monday evenings.

Automatically chosen web page can be replaced with any other suitable link on the “Booked Start Pages” tab.

Sounds great? Consider upgrading your account to Ultimate and enjoy many benefits this membership provides.


Surfing Session

When you purchase Start Page, your link will be shown first, second or third when any member starts surfing during a period of your choice.

Your site will be shown as much as possible without using ANY of your credits.

Your site will be shown to our surfers when they start their surfing session — this is when they pay the most attention and have fresh minds.

With our huge members’ base purchasing Start Pages is the best choice, so we highly recommend it to any advertiser.


Prosperity Marketing System


Booking Request

Specify your link and choose preferred period below to submit a booking request.

Dates marked in pale color are already booked.

To check how many hits our Start Pages received for previous days, mouse over on the calendar.


Funnel Builder

Here are some of the funnels you can create with Optin funnelsales funnels product launching funnelwebinar funnelmembership funnelauto webinars

The funnel builder enables you to create many kinds of funnels with a wide choice of page templates to pick from. You also get the freedom to design and add components to your pages depending on your needs. The user-friendly UI of the builder lets you drag and drop elements which makes building your funnel measures an easier task.Content goes here. Here are some of the things you can do with Actionetics Create autoresponder create email sequences create email lists section contacts through tags create action funnels for internal and external triggers Actionetics is email automation program which is native to.

Creating messages and emails are made easy with the email builder which has an almost similar characteristic to the funnel builder. Another cool thing about Actionetics is its Action Funnels feature. Action Funnels let you hyper-segment contacts to trigger certain actions whether it’s internal or external. Internal activities include being removed to an email list, added to email list, etc.. External actions include having the ability to receive email sequences.Here are some features you can look forward to when using Backpack:View your affiliate advancement view individual affiliate profile organize your affiliate funnels see payments due set commission programs and tiers Backpack, such as Actionetics, is a native program which handles affiliate marketing management.

This cool feature enables you to incorporate affiliate programs into revenue funnels allowing you to view all of your affiliates, commissions, etc…


Affiliate Funnel


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