Affiliate Training

I still remember how difficult it was for me to get started in this game.

There were no practical guides on how to get started, and definitely no affiliate courses or training programs – just bits and pieces of information spread all over the internet.

I was experimenting with everything and encountered a lot of failures.

All I had was a vision:

Making money online is something many people dream of. I used to be one of those people.

Largely thanks to affiliate marketing, I’m living that dream today. But it took years.

I have made tons of mistakes and learned a lot, along the way.

However, this game is all about learning and adapting. If you’re resilient enough, you’ll eventually make good money.

Affiliate marketing has tons of potential – but you gotta know what buttons to push.

I’m here to help speed up the process for you.


Affiliate Marketing

It’s easy to get overloaded with information, and truth is, that’s why many people get paralyzed and never accomplish anything in affiliate marketing.

An affiliate is a person who recommends a product or service and gets paid a commission when the referral takes an action, usually ordering a service or purchasing a product.

In short: you are marketing other company’s products.

It’s also good to know that there are some really big companies that use affiliate marketing as their main income model.


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How Does It Work?

Wherever you go on the internet, you’ll see ads and contextual links being promoted. Most big media sites today are monetizing their articles with recommendations of products and services, i.e, affiliate marketing.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to make your visitors take action and buy the products that you’re promoting.

The visitor takes action by buying a product or service through your website (or other platforms such as social media).

Most advertisers that you’ll work with are connected to an affiliate network.

The affiliate network that the advertiser is working with will pay you a commission.

The network makes your life as an affiliate much easier.

The networks have a tracking system set up on the advertiser’s website. Whenever your visitors buy something from the companies you’re promoting, they will know the sale came from your website and gives you commission for it.


How Do I Promote Through Affiliate Networks?

The affiliate networks provide you with graphic and contextual material to promote the products and services of the advertisers you want to work with.

It’s easy to get started. You just need to apply and await approval. When approved, you can begin to promote the company.

Each advertiser gives you tracking codes that are unique and connected to you as a publisher.

You add the affiliate links to your website.

Whenever your visitors buy or sign up through this link, you’ll receive a commission.


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What type of products or services can I promote?

There are affiliate programs for almost anything. In fact, most big companies in the world have an affiliate program these days.

There are programs for insurances, dog supplies, second-hand cars, books, and everything else you can think of. Later in the course, we’ll go through how to pick your niche and find products.

The biggest affiliate networks already have thousands of advertisers that you can use, which makes it very easy and straightforward for you to start promoting the affiliate products in your niche. That’s why I recommend using the most popular networks.

Many companies also have their own stand-alone affiliate program that you can join through their website or by contacting them and making a direct deal.


Is it necessary to have technical skills to become a successful affiliate?

It’s definitely not an absolute necessity to have technical skills such as coding or designing, but it can give you an edge when you’re building your website.

Fortunately, there are many services and tools out there that let you build websites without knowing anything about programming or web development.

In this course, I’ll guide you through each step of how to set up your website using WordPress – and you’ll see how easy it is.

You may want to learn the basics of HTML, CSS and, PHP to be able to modify and customize your websites as you want, but it’s not vital – especially not when you start.

However, you should prioritize hiring developers as soon as you can afford it, to further expand your website with more functionality and provide more value to your visitors.


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What countries/markets have potential in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been growing rapidly in the last decade, and most countries in the world have tens of thousands of affiliate programs.

It’s really the best time right now because you can become an affiliate for nearly anything.

Central Europe, North America, and most English-speaking countries have a very vast amount of developed affiliate networks with a lot of high-quality affiliate programs.

Of course, affiliate marketing is not blooming equally in all corners of the world yet.

There is definitely an opportunity in all countries, but in some, you might have to look a little harder.

If the affiliate marketing industry hasn’t bloomed in your country yet, that just means it’s great timing for you, because it will be so much easier to become number one in a market with no competitors.

Eventually, affiliate programs will start popping up, and you’ll have an easier time to ranking because of age and brand factors. Also, you can push to create direct deals with companies.

Markets in Asia and South America have lately started to bloom. Africa as a continent is the most undeveloped, but definitely has tons of potential in the coming years.

If you are in a country where finding affiliate programs is next to impossible, you can always target an English-speaking market.


Can affiliate marketing be a “real” business?

Affiliate marketing is a very old concept. People have been recommending products and services to each other for ages. Another word for it is mediation.

In short, affiliate marketing can be a real business, and you can make a lot of money from it. I answered this question in more depth in this video.

You can build really useful services based on the affiliate marketing part of your business model. If you’re able to save people time or money, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

Setting up an affiliate marketing business is a good gateway into the business world if you’re feeling too inexperienced to create your own products, yet want to start your own thing.

It’s a simple concept to understand and also possible to grow into a large business over time. It’s easy to start and has almost no risk. What more could you ask for?


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