Website Loading Speed

Website Loading Speed


I was having problems with my site’s performance not being up to par and ended up using two plugins that really helped me quite a bit.

One is Lazy Load by WP Rocket, which only display images when they are visible to the user.

Since I am using “featured images” on each of my posts, this plugin is an enormous help.

The other one I installed is AMP which helps remove unneeded CSS.

I’m not a big fan of using too many plugin’s, since they can actually slow down your site’s loading speed.

But these two together helped me improve my speed by over 10%.

What I’m particularly pleased with is the increase in the mobile loading speed which increased to 93 from 84.

Increasing the loading speed for me is critical because according to Google Analytics, 21.1% of my customer sessions are on a mobile/tablet device.

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The basis of this post was initially created on Wealthy Affiliate by TimMoto

You can find more inspirational posts by this member, by typing their name into the search box at the site.

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