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There are two compelling reasons for how this report comes about.

Firstly, I had a conversation with some old friends and soon the topic meandered around our career and job market situation.

Time truly flies when you feel quite settled in what you love to do to earn a living. I’ve been doing Internet Marketing since Dec 2003 and have never looked back.

On this merit alone, I’m going to reveal the one and only online business model that I get stuck with all these years, doing the same thing over and over again; sure, the routine and work involved gets dry but it still serves me well.

The second reason is, in the process of forging new friend connections across social networks, I come across many people who are still not utilizing the Internet for business purposes.

If that’s their original intention, I respect that, but if you are one of those bloggers who only depend on AdSense for pennies and nothing else, or that the home page of your business website is not designed as a landing page, you must get and read this report.


Marketing System For A Lifetime


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8 thoughts on “Marketing System For A Lifetime – Internet For Business

  1. Hello name is Vincent A Gladue AKA Ur Cuzn Vinny as my online name or brand as they say new and more then ever ready to take this marketing and online presence to scale my businesses have as i get the increase as they come to make a sure statement of my honest abilities to spend so much time searching and losing and winning and nothing at all…the mastery involved in each his own golden tongue or Mental minds of the silence as it come to life as our inner being hears the whispers of the universe…

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  2. Dale here… My background is Engineering, and Marketing is relatively new an foreign to me, so I am anticipating this report (book) will be very enlightening.

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