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How to Make Your Own Website Using Our DIY Website Builder

Make your own website NOW with a free trial or take a tour of our DIY website builder. You may also wish to learn about our affiliate program, or of course you can contact us with any questions about our service or visit our frequently asked questions page. Build your own website today!

Do you need to make a website for your business, family, or club? With websitesin5, you can do it yourself and save thousands of dollars without sacrificing any features. This very website was made with our do it yourself website design software! You can make your own website that looks just as good as this website without any previous website design experience.

We have made it easier than ever before with our do it yourself website design technology for you to make your own website. Although our DIY website design software is capable of ecommerce websites, you can also use it for non-ecommerce applications (and save even more).

With our do it yourself website design software, simply enter in your information, click a button, and the websitesin5.com DIY website design software will do the rest! High quality business and ecommerce website designs and complete customization can be achieved in just minutes using our DIY approach to website building.

Make your own website and you will significantly reduce both the upfront and ongoing cost of your ecommerce or business website. Your support representative is only a click away, providing you with helpful advice & free assistance.

Each websitesin5.com website builder client is a valued asset, and we intend to keep you impressed every step of the way. Try our incredible do it yourself website builder absolutely free of charge and make up your own mind as to what you could accomplish with our DIY website design software. You are guaranteed to agree that this is everything, and more, than you will ever need in designing and building your own personal or business website. Start your free trial of our DIY website design software right now.


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Vibralogix Ltd – Sitelok


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Vibralogix – Smart scripts for smart sites

Vibralogix has been developing quality PHP based scripts since 2002 and now has an ever growing client base in over 100 countries on 5 continents. We back up our products with top notch support and try to go that extra mile for our clients.

We have a range of smart solutions in three main categories.

Sitelok allows you to easily add secure members only areas to your site. You can have users register for free access or pay for a membership and control what access each user has. A powerful control panel keeps you in control and in contact with your users.

If you sell ebooks, mp3 tracks, software, embroidery patterns or any other digital download then our Vibracart Pro shopping cart will provide your buyers with a seamless experience and instant access using secure download links. Serial number delivery is also supported. Our earlier Linklok products are also available.

Linklok URL allows you to place download links on your website that don’t reveal the actual location of the download file. The download link can be set to expire as well to stop it being shared on forums. A form can also be used to collect a users name and email (and any other info required) before a download link is emailed to them.

Sitelok is a powerful script for creating password protected pages and members only areas on your site. Sitelok has many features including the ability to setup multiple secure areas, public pages with sections that are visible to members only, custom registration forms for free or paid access, secure download links, access logging etc. The Sitelok control panel allows you to easily manage your members and a range of plugins provides lots of enhancements.


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