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Split testing can seem like a bit of a mystery. Maybe that’s because so many people believe the myths. They make it more complex than it really needs to be. And when something seems complex, a lot of people simply decide not to mess with it.

There are a lot of marketers who share their split testing results. You can read how their tweaks and changes affected the conversion rates on sales letters, emails, ad campaigns and more.

Some marketers see this data, see that it’s coming from a trustworthy source, and then decide they don’t need to run a test since someone else has already done the test.

That’s a big mistake, unless you are selling the exact same thing to the exact same audience in the exact same way, you can’t take someone else’s split-testing results and apply it to your marketing.

For example, maybe a marketer in your niche just revealed that an orange payment button boosted their conversions by 20%.

So a bunch of marketers run out and change their payment buttons to orange buttons too – but they never test it. They just assume it works.

But maybe the orange payment button WON’T work for YOU. For example, maybe orange actually clashes with your site design. Maybe orange looks garish on your site. So if a customer views your payment button as loud and garish, they might just hit the back button rather than hitting the payment button.

The only way to know for sure is to do your own split testing. Sure, you can use other peoples’ test results to get ideas of what to test on your site. Just don’t assume their results will apply to your audience.


Multivariate Testing is Better Than Split Testing?

Split testing is when you test just ONE element while holding all other variables constant. Multivariate testing is when you test multiple variables at the same time in order to determine which combination produces the best results.

But there is one big problem when it comes to multivariate testing…

It requires a LOT of traffic. And if you’re not running a big business with a popular, heavily trafficked website, it might take many months for you to get any results.

That’s why so many marketers prefer split testing. They can split test one item – such as a headline – and get results really fast (in as little as a week). That means they can start profiting from their test results immediately.

Because you need SO much traffic, you may find it difficult to achieve a high level of statistical confidence in your results. High statistical confidence, such as being 95% confident, requires a big sample size.

Still another problem with multivariate testing is that if one of your factors isn’t really providing any statistically significant changes to the conversion rate, it makes interpreting the test a little difficult.

Split testing does everything a multivariate test can do, if you run a series of tests. The difference is that you can start profiting immediately.

That’s why so many smart marketers choose split testing, and why you should too.


Split Test Monkey


Split Testing is Difficult

This is perhaps the #1 reason why a lot of marketers simply don’t bother with split testing.

If you use the wrong tools, it IS hard.

Maybe you’ve done some research on the split testing tools, and you ended up walking away feeling overwhelmed and confused.

You have do all sorts of number crunching before you even begin. You have to figure out how much traffic to get and how many conversions you need.

And before you can pick a winner, you need to be sure it’s a statistically relevant result. If you don’t know a whole lot about statistics, then it’s hard to interpret the results.

When you have the right tools, then you don’t need to be a super statistics geek to start profiting from split testing.

Split Test Monkey (STM) makes testing faster and easier than you ever thought possible. STM does all the heavy lifting and number crunching for you.

If you’re not split testing yet, you should be. That’s because a good split test can deliver a lot of very exciting benefits to you, including:

” Higher conversion rates.
” More opt-ins.
” More customers.
” More sales.

Imagine how much more money you’d make if you doubled or tripled the opt-in rate on your current lead page. Imagine getting more people to open your emails, and more people clicking on the links.

Split testing is easier and faster than ever before when you have the right tool.


Incredible Split Testing Hacks

Serious marketers know the value of split testing. Split testing is all about finding out what really works so you can make more money while reducing the time and cost of advertising.

Focus On What Matters

It’s easy to get hooked on split testing, especially when you see those initial results. But not every test you run is going to provide game-changing conversion rates.

That’s why you’ll want to focus 80% to 90% of your time on split testing those factors that are likely to move your conversion rate the most. Those factors include things like your overall offer, your headline, and even the overall design of your page.

Even when you’re working on testing these big factors, be sure you’re making big changes.

In short, focus on testing things that are likely to make a difference, rather than the factors that hardly anyone but you is likely to notice.

Don’t Stop a Test Prematurely

Once you start running tests, it’s easy to check in on the data early and often.

Sometimes you’ll even see one particular result start out way ahead of the variation in terms of conversions.

It’s tempting to stop the test right then. After all, it seems like you can save yourself some time and possibly even money if you stop the test since it looks like one variation is going to win.

It’s not uncommon for one of your variations to start out way ahead of the other variation during early testing.

Sometimes there is some other variable that creates those early results. For example, maybe something happened in the world on the day you launched your campaign which skewed the results.

Perhaps a competitor launched a similar product with a similar headline, and so your traffic is coming to your sales page with that other product in mind.

And that’s why running your test for a couple weeks will help smooth out those variables you can’t control, so that you can pick the true winner.


Split Test Monkey


Think Outside the Box

We like to think that our own intuition is all that’s needed to run our business. But it turns out that sometimes our own intuition is wrong.

For example, it’s really common for marketers to assume that the lower a price point, the higher the conversion rate.

But many marketers have seen their conversions and profits RISE when they raise their prices. Here are two reasons why?

“Prospects’ perceived value of the product goes up as the price goes up. That’s why people rate wine as tasting better when they’re told it’s expensive wine.

Likewise, raising your price might make the product seem more valuable and desirable.

Will this particular tactic work for you and your audience? The only way to find out for sure is test it.

Aim For a 95% Confidence Level

Whenever you’re doing split tests, you need to set your confidence rating. This is a statistical term that states how confident you can be that the final result is the true result.

It’s nearly impossible to achieve a 100% confidence rating, because you’d need to test everyone in your audience.

That’s why 95% is a good number. It’s still a high number, so you can be reasonably sure that the results from your sample of the population are correct. And yet you don’t need an unreasonably large sample size.

You may need to do the confidence level calculations yourself. If you’d rather use a “set it and forget it” method, then use a tool like Split Test Monkey, which does all the calculations for you.


Look for Inspiration From Others

A lot of online marketers share their split-testing results. While this information is useful, it’s ONLY a starting point. You should trust but verify by doing your own tests.

In short, don’t blindly apply someone else’s split testing results to your business.

So the next time you see someone doubled their conversion rate with some cool hack, go ahead and swipe the idea. But be sure to test it for yourself.

Make Split Testing Easier Than Ever

A lot of marketers make split testing way harder than it needs to be. They get their hands on confidence calculators, they do calculations to figure out the ideal sample size and number of conversions they need, and so on.

Truth is, split testing doesn’t need to be that hard. Instead, all you have to do is get your hands on a good split testing tool, one that will do all those calculations for you.

Now if you’ve looked at other tools before, then you’ve seen how you have to install them on your site and configure them correctly before you can even start setting up your tests.

You don’t have to do any of that with Split Test Monkey. That’s because this is a web-based app, so all you have to do is log into your dashboard and start setting up your tests with just a few clicks of your mouse.

And because Split Test Monkey has an Auto Optimizer function, you don’t even need to do any calculations, because the app handles everything for you!


Split Test Monkey


Just A Few Different Test Ideas

Email List Builders: Boost your subscriber rates and grow your list faster by testing your landing pages, from the lead magnets to the color of your sign-up buttons.

Product Vendors: Convert more sales and build bigger profits all hands free by testing sales and upsell pages, headlines, bullet points, pricing and calls to action.

Affiliate Marketers: Get more clicks and bigger commission checks on offers you promote – Test your affiliate promo pages, bonus and review pages etc.

Social Media Marketers: Grow your following and boost traffic the easy way by testing share button placement/styles, testing calls to action and more.

Ecommerce/Store Owners: Build your brand and explode your bottom line profits by testing price points, shipping rates, product shots and even checkout page styles/templates.

Bloggers: Increase your site stickiness and audience engagement by testing post and page layouts, font sizes and styles, post images, banner ads, opt-in forms and much more.


Split Testing Hasn’t Always Been So Easy

Most split testing scripts and platforms that came before Split Test Monkey were expensive or hard to set up and unless you were a programmer or had the money to invest, you were left out of the loop.

NOT ANYMORE… With Split Test Monkey you can instantly begin optimizing your landing pages, blog posts, ads and of course your sales pages.

You will discover how visitors respond to your offer, sales copy, graphics, site layouts, colors, pricing – Every aspect of your website.

This powerful information will help you get the most from every click. It will reveal what you need to change and what you don’t!

Split Test Monkey was designed for everyone with an online business. Our software is web based, so there’s nothing to install and creating a new test takes just a few seconds even if you’ve never run a test before.

Stop just hoping things will work out and start making the key changes that will get you better results.

Remember split testing is not something that should considered optional – It’s ESSENTIAL!

It’s one of the most important things you can do after you’ve developed your products and designed your offer pages. Without it you’re throwing money and traffic away.


Split Test Monkey


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