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Search Engine Optimisation





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Top of the Results Ltd


Top of the Results Ltd - 300 x 250


Increase Your SERP Organic Rankings With SEO/CTR Traffic

Get to the top of the results by sending Organic-identical traffic directly to your website or via Google, Bing or Youtube by increasing engagement and SERP CTR.

The search engines will rank your website higher if they notice that your listing outperforms your competitors in terms of CTR and engagement.

Our traffic will do exactly that: it will search for your pre-defined keywords, click on your website in the results and browse several pages of your website.

The result? Your website will appear to be more relevant than others and will get promoted.

Boost Your Local & International Presence – You can configure your campaign to get traffic from over 190 countries and 50 US states.

Each Visit Is a Unique Residential IP – Each search or visit that we generate is originating from a residential or mobile unique IP.

Adsense-Safe – We never load the Google Ads so your Adsense account is secure.

Mobile / Desktop Traffic – Configure the percentage between mobile and desktop traffic to identically resemble your current traffic.


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Put your rankings on the map - 300 x 250


Put your rankings on the map – Local search has evolved – Local Search Grid is a rank tracker built to evolve with it.

We built BrightLocal to help every marketer working with a local business do their job better. Our tools and services have already helped over 80,000 local marketers deliver success for their brands and clients, and we’re just getting started.

Whether you’re looking to boost local rankings, increase online visibility, build citations, develop an amazing online reputation or even grow your marketing agency, BrightLocal’s powerful tools make local marketing success simple.

Local marketers use BrightLocal to showcase their expertise, so it’s only fitting that expertise runs through everything we do. Our team of passionate local SEO experts constantly stays on top of the ever-changing world of local marketing, so we can evolve our offering to ensure our customers stay three steps ahead of the competition.

With over 150 staff working in four countries, we’re better positioned than ever before to develop best-in-class products, publish insightful research, and provide exceptional service for the thousands of agency, brand, and local business customers who trust BrightLocal to give them a competitive advantage.

We’re ready for the future of local marketing. Are you?


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SEO Buddy


The 102-Point SEO Checklist - 1080 x 1080


Get your website on the first page of Google (even if you’re not sure what you’re doing)

The SEO Checklist is a step-by-step guide to every important SEO action you need to take to optimize your website and get more organic traffic.

Imagine a constant stream of customers flowing to your site That’s what can happen when you use SEO to optimize your website.

Get to page #1 of Google and your business (and life) might never look the same again.

But people will tell you SEO is complicated and hard to do.

The truth is, SEO is actually really simple. If you know what you’re doing…

The SEO Checklist is a step-by-step framework to help you take action and climb the Google rankings faster.

This is the comprehensive SEO guide you need to get your website to page #1 of Google.

Free-flowing organic traffic is a beautiful thing

To really appreciate the power of SEO, think about what your prospective customer is doing when they’re using Google…

They have stopped what they’re doing. They have typed (or spoken) a search query into Google. They’re actively looking for your help.

SEO is all about getting your website to show up in Google, so YOU can provide that person with the help they need (which sooner or later will be your product or service).


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INFLUITY your way to SUCCESS! With the increased use of virtual service providers, businesses and individuals need a place to find resources and be discovered. INFLUITY is the place where you will find these EXPERTS dedicated to helping each other.

Nowhere else on the web can you get a free (with paid options) listing featuring your offerings, competitive advantages, ratings by your customers, and can connect directly with fellow professionals.

Additionally, you have the ability to make money by referring others. You have instant credibility which includes having your own named URL/web address that you can direct your prospects to.

Depending on your membership level, you can feature your own service descriptions, videos, pictures, customer ratings, links to your social media, and contact information along with having SEO (search engine optimization) built in tools enhancing the ability of a search engine to find you based on the keywords you include in your descriptions.

Paid versions allow you more fields and features to tell your story while introducing your uniqueness.

So what’s in it for INFLUITY and what’s in it for you? The free listing gives you instant credibility, is accessible by customers, and offers you the chance to get to know other professionals.

Though your free listing is feature-rich, the paid listings, starting at $10 per month, adds greater visibility, the opportunity to add details to your story, and offers a lifetime residual. That’s money in your pocket every month.

For any referral that subscribes to a paid listing you get 50% of what they invest for as long as they maintain their listing on the site! Talk about CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)!!


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