Mister Safelist – Responsive

Start Cost :- Free

Site Owner :- Jerry Iannucci

Established :- 2012

Free members can use Mister Safelist to access our credit based mailer to send their text or html ads to our safelist every 3 Days (says 5 days on the site, but it is actually 3 days minus 1 hour).

We will even give you enough credits to email 1,000 of our members for free when you join right now!

Earn more credits by viewing our member ads.

Simply check your inbox every day for offers from other Mister Safelist members.

View the ads you choose and earn mailing credits that you can use to send your own ads to the list.


Your Ads Get Seen

Each person Mister Safelist sends to your site will be required to spend a minimum of 7 seconds viewing your offer.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and show our members why your offer is the best.


Mister Safelist


Active Members Only

Your ads are only sent to active members who have logged into Mister Safelist or checked their email in the last 30 days.

This insures that your credits are never wasted sending your ads to inactive members.


HTML Emails

All of our members have access to our HTML email composer, which will help you to create professional looking emails with graphics and formatted text that will help you get your ads noticed.


Mister Safelist


Free Banner Ads

In addition to email ads you will also have the ability to use your credits to have your banner ads displayed on the Mister Safelist website.

Banners are a great branding tool and an excellent way to get some extra exposure for your business.


Free Downline Builder

Automatically build your downlines in our recommended list of free traffic generation sites.

Any members you refer to Mister Safelist could potentially join any of these programs using your referral links which will help you to earn more traffic and more commissions.


Mister Safelist


Make Money

Earn a generous compensation of cash and credits for referring new members to Mister Safelist.

We provide you with all of the promotional tools you will need to help you spread the word about Mister Safelist.


Monthly Contests

We believe in rewarding our most active Mister Safelist members every month with free credits and cash prizes.

Will you be the next big winner?

Join Mister Safelist now.


Mister Safelist


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