FlexOffers – force to be reckoned with in affiliate networks

FlexOffers was founded in 2008…but, to be honest, that’s pretty much all we know about their genesis.

They seem to be pretty camera shy in an industry chock full of team photos and mission statements.

But regardless, FlexOffers has worked hard to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of affiliate marketing.

After all, they’re up against some pretty stiff competition in the form of Commission Junction, Rakuten Linkshare, and Amazon, among others.


signing up as an affiliate publisher for FlexOffers

The 4-step process is as follows:

#1 Verify your email address and choose a password for your account:

Flexoffers Publisher Application
#2 You then need to login to complete the account registration process, providing some basic personal and company information:

Flexoffers Publisher Company Info
#3 Now it’s time to tell them where you plan on putting your affiliate banners and links, or basically what your traffic sources are.



Flexoffers Publisher Website Verification

And that’s it – now you just sit back and wait for them to review your application favorably, or not, for that matter.

To be fair, FlexOffers do seem to review and approve even relatively new sites with very little content. Or at least they did for the new-ish affiliate site I used.

So the FlexOffers registration process is a little bit longwinded, but it’s bearable.

One final note here is that you can also earn a commission for referring other affiliates to the FlexOffers network through their FlexRev-$hare program.

People who sign up “under” you become sub-affiliates so you earn a cut of ever referred sale they make.

So, you effectively become a FlexOffers affiliate when you create your account.


Flexoffers Links And Banners Placement

Flexoffers Publisher Site Type Confirmation
#4 Finally, you need to verify your phone number and ownership of the website you listed in your application:

What Brands Can You Promote?
At face value, Flex Offers looks like the kind of network (and this is a first impressions thing) that wouldn’t be able to land big names.

But they do – including brands like those listed below, plus Nike, Lenovo, Bloomingdales, Priceline, Barnes & Noble, Skechers, and thousands more.

Altogether they represent 12,000 advertisers of all sizes, but their portfolio rivals pretty much any affiliate network I can think of.

Ease Of Use

That’s a seriously impressive figure, but as we mentioned earlier only a few hundred of these are the big brands most affiliates chase after.

Payout Type is one of the more interesting options because you can find an affiliate program that pays per sale, per action, per lead, per click and per install.

Flexoffers Advertisers Search Filters
Once you’ve found the programs you want to join you then simply click on ‘Apply Now’.

But you do need to apply to each program individually, and it takes roughly 2 – 3 days for your application to be approved or denied.



Creating Affiliate Links

So, what’s the FlexOffers affiliate link creation process like?

Flexoffers Get Links Option
You can then filter the listed creatives by whether they’re a text link, banner or widget, but also by their EPC.

Flexoffers Types Of Affiliate Links

Flexoffers Link Shortening Tool
Overall, I do like the FlexOffers interface here– it’s clean, relatively modern, and gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Getting Paid

FlexOffers does offer ‘Advanced Payments’ for certain affiliates, which will arrive a lot sooner than the Net 60 date, but you do have to pay a small network fee (apparently around 6%) of your due earnings.

So for now, just take for granted that all affiliate payments are Net 60 because you have to qualify for their advance payment option.

Payment Methods
It’s nice for affiliates to be able to choose the payment method that best suits them, and FlexOffers provides a lot of…flexibility here.

Flexoffers Flexoffers Payment Methods Methods
You can choose to receive your commission payment by any of the following methods:

Bank transfer
Wire transfer
Alternatively, you can ask FlexOffers to withhold your payment until you reach a certain balance, or until a time and date that suits you.

Payment Threshold
You have to earn at least US$25 before you can receive payment from FlexOffers, but there are fees associated with this:

Checks – $3
Bank transfer – $1
International transfer – $5
Wire Transfers also require that a FlexOffers affiliate hit a threshold of US$1,000 before payment can be made.#



Publisher Help

The FlexOffers knowledge base is rudimentary, and that’s the nicest thing I can say about it because it’s barely there.

FlexOffers Reviews

It’s always a good idea to ask yourself some questions when you find yourself faced with posts like this.


Mandatory Security

Something that FlexOffers deserves a special mention for is the fact that they force you to use Two-factor authentication as part of the login process.

This means having a code sent to your phone to log in at the start of each day.

Now, while this annoys the hell out of me at times, it also provides my account with a level of security that I don’t have on any other affiliate network.

So I do kinda wish other affiliate networks did the same, especially considering how commonplace data breaches are becoming.

Flexoffers Summary
URL: FlexOffers

Year established: 2008

Number of merchants: 12,000+

Offer types: Per action, Per sale, Per lead, Per Install

Literally tens of thousands of advertisers to choose from
One of the few mainstream networks with credit card offers
Two-factor login as standard – I’m now a fan
Easy sign-up process and very accepting of new affiliates
Lots and lots of payment options
Streamlined interface…for the most part
Flex-Rev$hare program – you get paid for sales made by sub-affiliates

This is an affiliate network with a lot to offer, especially in terms of the sheer number of advertisers they have.

They’ve nailed some aspects of being an affiliate network (advertisers, link tools, etc) but seemed to only recently bother to upgrade their customer support tools.

Original site :- https://www.authorityhacker.com/flexoffers



Find out more information on Affiliate Marketplace programs – plus links to reviews on Affiliate Marketplace programs.

While it’s awesome to rake in a percentage of another company’s products just by placing a link to their site on yours, it’s hard for beginners (and, honestly, all of us) to find the right affiliate programs to work with.


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