Mailsy – Your Email Marketing Blue Bird of Happiness

I’m Mailsy, Your Email Marketing Blue Bird of Happiness!

…and I want to help. I want to be your friend.


My Friends Can Email Everybody! That’s right, there is no limit to the number of members you can email, if you have the credits, we’ve got the readers. Just enter your message, click submit and email all of our eager readers ready to receive it. With this power you can…

Build Your List

Promote your Brand

Get Exposure to your products

So Be My Friend!


Promocode “Super”

Use promocode “Super” to get started with 1000 credits to mail all my friends right now!

They like it!

Complete your account information by adding your Last Name and Payment Address to your profile.

You can add your facebook, twitter ID’s and a link to your website, as well.

These will appear in your Stamp Collection where stamps that are earned thru Achievements are displayed.


Mailsy - I want to be your friend


Great Residual Income

You can earn a great residual income just by spreading the word.

To help with this, banners, splash pages, and template emails can be found by clicking the Earn Money link in the top menu.

As a friend, you will earn a generous 25% commissions on all of your referrals’ purchases, or you can Upgrade and earn a whopping 50%!


Earn Credits

Credits are used to send promotional emails.

To earn more credits, look for e-mails sent to you by other members.

At the bottom of each message, you will find a link that you can click on to earn credits.

Each credit can be used to increase the number of members who receive your email.

One credit equals one member emailed.

The number of credits you can use for each mailing will vary depending on the number of other members currently available to receive them.

Should you need some, you can purchase credits.


Mailsy - I want to be your friend


Send Emails

As a friend (free level) you can send your promotional email once every five days.

Upgrade to send more often, earn more credits and get credits added to your account auto-magically, every month you remain upgraded.

In addition to sending an email, you can use your credits to advertise banners and text ads.

They’re put in rotation, in the credit bar members see when they read your email.

You can earn Extra credits just by being an active member.

Visit the Achievements page to find out what you can do to earn more.



It’s easy to earn some hefty recurring revenue by promoting Mailsy.

You earn up to 50% commissions on every sale!


Mailsy - I want to be your friend


Join For Free

As a Free member you can email everyone, every 5 days, as long as you have credits.

By upgrading your account you will drastically reduce the need to collect credits, get to send your email more often, earn more credits per email, and last but not least multiply your commissions exponentially!



Give it a try! We are so confident that you will love our upgrade packages that we decided to take the risk off your hands.

If for ANY REASON you are not satisfied in any current month with your upgrade, let us know and we will give you a refund for that month and end your membership – no hassle and no questions asked.


*Yearly Memberships are guaranteed for 30 days.


Mailsy - I want to be your friend


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