List Jumper – The Original “Jumping” List Builder

Just One A Day!

Can you read just one mail per day to earn greater and greater rewards each day?

List Jumper has introduced consecutive loyalty bonuses!

The longer you go by reading at least one email per day, the more advertising you earn… and there is no limit to how big the prizes can get or how many consecutive days you can go!

See it for yourself and start sending your own ads to this responsive list!

Site Owner :- Darren Olander

Other Web-Sites Owned :- several

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Social Email Advertising

Free, Fun, and Social Email Advertising

List Jumper is fun and effective advertising!

There are many reasons to join today:

* Your ads get social branding, showing off your profile and social networks.

* This is one of the most rewarding mailing systems, providing one-a-day bonuses and reward codes to help you earn additional advertising through more mailings, premium ads, or login ads.

* Super active site is among the highest in click through rates on your ads, so you get more results.

* Already thousands of members ready to see your ads.

* Get started today with Reward Code:

NEWJUMPER and after reading 10 mails you will be given 300 bonus mailing credits!

Claim your spot, right now:-


List Jumper - The Original


The Most Responsive List Site Ever

If you’re like me, when you send out an ad, you want to get results. Who doesn’t, right?

Well I’ve found this awesome new list building site that has such a unique concept behind it that it gets its members actively reading the e-mail sent through the system… it’s really cool!

So if you are tired of receiving little or no results from your advertising efforts and you’re ready to try something completely new and different… then jump into List Jumper for free today!


Bonus Rewards & Brand Awareness

We call it One-A-Day Bonuses and it keeps our membership active and brings you lots of unique traffic!

In marketing & advertising you always want to be sure your brand is recognizable.

You are a brand so let it shine!

You have the option to display your photo and social media details with your ads.


List Jumper - The Original


Thousands of Members

Sending an email ad to our list is as easy as filling out your email content and clicking send!

You can earn your sends for free or purchase any upgrade!

Even if you just read one mail per day at List Jumper, you can earn huge rewards!


Responsive Advertising

Your valuable time and energy should not go to waste.

Using a responsive advertising service is key to getting results – would you want anything less?

We offer email advertising, login ads, and premium banner ads.

Ad exchanges are one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your site.

You earn credits by viewing other ads and then use those so others see yours.

Just like how List Jumper works!


List Jumper - The Original


Referrals and Commissions

Do you like earning commissions?

You’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 40% of any membership sale when someone upgrades to a more powerful account.

And, it’s as simple as sending people to List Jumper using your unique referral URL.


Results Matter

Getting a return on your investment (time and/or money) is key. You won’t need to spend hours every day collecting credits. Instead, a short amount of time daily can reap outstanding rewards.

To your success,

P.S. Remember to claim reward code NEWJUMPER after you join to get 300 bonus credits just for reading your first 10 mails!


List Jumper - The Original


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