List Impact – High-Impact Advertising Builder

Send your offer to thousands of active members and get instant traffic to your site.

Our double opt-in list grows every single day.

You’re never going to run out of fresh leads.

So you want a real impact? Discover List Impact!

It’s a new list builder that stands out and simply works.

Site Owners :- Kenny Kolijn and Sammy Kolijn (brothers)

Other Sites Owned :-

List Avail – Take Advantage Of Our Mailing List

List Mailer Plus – Get MORE Visitors To Your Offers

Approx. Membership :- 2000

Downline Builder Program :- yes, 15+ programs

On-Line Mail-Box Option (i.e. no need for 2nd email address) :- yes

Ave Emails Per Day :- 50


Set-Up Extra Ads

You can also promote your website or products using Banner Ads, Premium Ads and Full Page Login Ads.

All those active members seeing your ads. You’ve got to love it!

And it’s so much fun too. Frankly, I’m impressed.

At List Impact you can:

* Email a big list

* Set up different ads

* Get instant traffic

* Unlock insane rewards


List Impact - High-Impact Advertising


Instant Impact

List Impact offers high impact advertising that gives your business an instant boost.

Get traffic, generate leads, make more sales and brand yourself in no-time flat.

What are you waiting for? Get results!

Drive Traffic And Make Profits

Plenty of ways to get exposure, drive traffic and make profits.

Forget advertising to the same bunch of people every day…

This site keeps growing.

List Impact is FUN and was made to get you real, lasting results.

List Impact was custom-coded from scratch with the serious marketer in mind.

It has many unique features to help you get results with your advertising fast.

It stands out and so will YOU! Use it daily and reap the rewards.


List Impact - High-Impact Advertising


Designed For Maximum Impact

You’re invited to List Impact!

It’s a brand new list builder designed for maximum impact.

Warning: it’s very addicting. You will love List Impact.

Go check it out…

I like it a lot:

* Custom-coded

* Dedicated owners

* Quality email advertising

* Extra ads available

* Active members

* Growing every day

* Generous commissions

* Insane REWARDS.

Great site for marketers!


Achievements System

Plenty of surprises inside! Our Achievements system rewards you for everything you do.
Read emails, refer new members, make a purchase or generate commissions.

You’ll unlock secret bonuses including cash & advertising and rewards for:

* Reading emails

* Referring members

* Making purchases

* Making commissions

Get instant access now.

I’m soooo loving it.


List Impact - High-Impact Advertising


What a winner!

Promote your site to thousands of members with Email Ads, Login Ads, Banner Ands and Premium Ads.

Increase your traffic, collect more leads and boost your sign-ups, sales and commissions. Cha-ching!

* Quality advertising
* Active members
* Constant growth
* Generous commissions
* Insane rewards

You just won’t believe how much you get rewarded for your activity.

Get instant access now:

See you inside okay?

P.S. I took a discounted upgrade deal. So many benefits and rewards for so little.

List Impact just got a new fan!


Make More Money

It’s time! Take advantage of this proven high-impact advertising for your business.

Get more traffic, leads, sign-ups and sales

Invite others to List Impact and earn generous commissions commissions up to 50%, including recurring commissions.

Our offers convert like crazy. You invite them and we take care of the rest. Go grab those commissions!

List Impact exceeds my expectations. It’s totally unique. With these owners you just know that thousands of people are going to join. I got my ads ready for them. Great work guys!

You’ve Explored List Impact Let’s Boost Your Results?

Let’s Boost Your Business

List Impact offers multiple ways to advertise your business to our active members in the Make Money Online, Online Business & Marketing niches.


List Impact - High-Impact Advertising


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