Feedback Fox – Prospect Mind Reading Made Easy?

Feedback Fox: The App Everyone is Talking About?

If you’ve had your ear to the ground in online marketing circles lately, then you may have heard about the new customer-feedback app called Feedback Fox.

This is an app you can use to engage your audience and collect valuable insights.

It’s a way to get inside your prospect’s heads so you can make smarter business decisions.

People are getting pretty excited about this app. They’re saying it’s an easy way to arm yourself with valuable knowledge about your audience.

And they’re saying the visually appealing forms gets your audience engaging like never before.

But hold up here…

Is Feedback Fox REALLY as good as everyone is saying?

The short answer is yes, it is.


Unpacking Feedback Fox

The first thing you’ll notice about Feedback Fox is that it’s a user-friendly, web-based app.

That means there is nothing to install. You don’t need any mad tech skills to use it. You don’t need to fiddle with code to get it working.

All you have to do is log into the app, and then point-and-click your way to beautiful feedback forms.

You can start with one of five styles of forms, including:

The Rater, which asks your audience to rate something from one to five stars, heart, or even “poop” emojis. e.g., “How many stars would you give this product?”

The Emoji Slider, which lets your audience give feedback on a sliding spectrum (rather than giving a hard number). e.g., “How do you feel about the customer service you received?”

The Image Picker, which lets your audience pick their favorite or least favorite item based on an image. e.g., “Which diet food do you hate the most?” or “What is your favorite product?”

The Tickbox Question, which lets your respondents select one or more answers. e.g., “Which traffic-generation topics are you interested in? Check all that apply…”

The Single-Answer Question, where you ask one question with a binary answer (yes/now… awesome/sucks… etc.) e.g., “Do you ever get hunger pangs when you’re dieting?”


Feedback Fox - Mind reading made easy?


Customize Forms – Easily

Once you’ve picked your form, then you can customize it. This means changing the font, the font color, and the background colors to match your site.

It’s really easy – you just point and click to create the exact form you want.

(No design skills required – anyone can create a form that looks like a professional designed it!)

Your next quick and easy step is to decide how your form will appear on your site…

You can embed it directly into a web page. You can have your form “hover” on the page as the visitor scrolls.

You can even have a popup appear when the visitor is leaving or after X amount of time. It’s all very flexible to suit your needs.

One of the best customization features is that you can decide what link or message your respondents see after they answer your question.

In the case of the Single-Answer form, you can send them to different links depending on how they answer.

This is a really powerful feature that can help you grow your list or even generate sales.

For example, if someone tells you they need help with getting traffic, you can send them to an offer page for a traffic course.

If someone else says they need help with copywriting, then you can send them to a copywriting offer.

In other words: you get your audience to tell you what they want and need, and then you point them in the right direction. This is an easy way to boost your response rates!


Here’s Another Idea

You can offer rewards to people who give you feedback.

For example, after your respondents answer your question, you send them to a download page to collect their reward.

That reward might be a free product, a discount coupon code, or similar.

And it’s easy!

Now keep in mind, all of this customization takes just a minute or two. You don’t need to know any coding. It’s all point and click easy.

Once your form is ready to go, then you have access to additional tools. These include:

Built-in stats. Are your forms working? Are they engaging your audience?

The simple built-in stats will show you at a glance what’s working and what’s not.

Cloning feature. If you’ve got a form that’s working well, then you can clone this form with one click of your mouse.

You can then tweak the cloned form to create a new campaign. This is a huge time saver, because you never need to start from scratch – just use your best forms as templates!

Bottom line: this app makes it faster and easier than ever to get feedback from your audience.

You can use these forms on your blog, download pages, sales pages or even on social media. And because these forms are so visually appealing, your audience will love filling them out.

It’s a great way to re-energize a tired list or get new visitors engaged and excited about your business!


Feedback Fox - Mind reading made easy?


Are There Any Downsides?

There are two potential downsides to this particular app – but that depends on how you’re using the app.

The first downside isn’t really a downside at all once you understand how the app works. In fact, this perceived downside is actually one of the app’s strongest features!

Let me explain what I’m talking about…

Specifically, some folks are saying you can’t ask a bunch of questions on ONE form. And that’s true. But this app wasn’t built to do that.

Its goal is to engage prospects with an interactive survey, give you insights on the questions that matter most, and then redirect visitors to your lead pages, webinar registration pages, sales pages or other important links.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to ask multiple questions. The key is you need to string multiple forms together to create your survey.

And that’s not a downside at all – in fact, it’s a big benefit of this app!

That’s because this is the BETTER way to create a multi-question survey. Here’s why: with Feedback Fox, you can ask different questions depending on how the person answered the previous question.

That’s powerful. And most survey software doesn’t have this capability, which makes Feedback Fox stand out head and shoulders from the competition.


Experiences With Your Business

For example, let’s suppose you’re asking people about their experiences with your business. If someone is giving you positive feedback, you can continue directing them to the next question.

e.g., “How would you rate your ordering experience?”

If they answer favorably, then you might ask the next question: “How would you rate your customer service experience?” And so on.

If someone is giving you negative feedback, then you can inquire more deeply about their problem.

For example, if they tell you that they had a poor customer service experience, you can then use the Tickbox style question to get more details. e.g., “What problems did you encounter? Check all that apply…”

Or you might even send them to a page apologizing for their poor experiences and offering them a free product or discount coupon. It’s a great way to win back upset customers!

Point is, you can actually create an interactive survey using Feedback Fox, where the users’ answers determine what questions they see next. It’s one of my favorite features!


Feedback Fox - Mind reading made easy?


Second Potential Downside

This isn’t so much of a downside as something on my “wish list” for this app. Specifically: there isn’t a “point and click” automatic way to segment a mailing list based on the answers your subscribers provide.

Maybe there’s a way to do it with automation tools inside your autoresponder or a bit of coding. I can’t speak to that because I’m not a tech whiz like some other folks.

But here’s why none of this matters…

There are workarounds for us non-techies. For example, you can send respondents to a specific opt-in page after they answer a question – that effectively segments your list based on their answer. That works for me.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, Feedback Fox is a user-friendly tool that lets you gather valuable feedback from your audience and even engage a cold list.

You can use this information to better target your prospects, create products your audience will really love, craft content that resonates with them, and improve your business to beat the competition.

In short, Feedback Fox is all about helping you grow your business!

This app is brought to you by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, so it’s created by two marketers with the strongest reputations in the business.

You can feel confident investing in Feedback Fox, because you know it’s only going to get better and better as Simon and Jeremy add more features.

As if all of this isn’t enough, Simon and Jeremy are also offering a really sweet bonus package to those who sign up now.

My thoughts on Feedback Fox?

I give this app my highest recommendation.

And that’s why I strongly encourage you to check it out right now and get your own account, because you’re going to love it just as much as I do.


Feedback Fox - Mind reading made easy?


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