Dear Google

Dear Google


I have pulled over to the side of the road the journey. My engine is tuned and running like a charm. Did I take the wrong road, was my GPS out of whack and did it lead me onto this side road although the scenery is beautiful, and I love country roads this one is not taking me home.

I am resorting to a proven way, the map. WA, gave me one of those at the start of my journey. Perhaps All the times I have tried to fold it the proper way has distorted some of the key areas.

Have you lost that, “Loving feeling”. Is it gone, gone, gone cause I am finding it hard to keep going on. Whoa, baby.

We had some good times, you indexed my sites within a week and you helped to keep my heart to feel warm, what did I do wrong.

As sexy as you are, I do not want to kiss your lips while your eyes are closed. I need you to open your eyes. My post on, “Water for your Health”. Has been ignored. It has been a month and you have not indexed it. You can be harsh at times. This hurts. It is not so funny how we don’t talk anymore.

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