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FindOutTheTruth - 393 x 394


Our company was incorporated in 2002 and quickly gained an international presence online. For over 18 years we have differentiated ourselves from our competition by providing private investigator assisted background checks, criminal records, employment / tenant background checks, and due diligence background checks among many other offerings at the lowest possible price.

We are your one stop shop for all of your background check and criminal record research needs. We have been featured in a number of television, magazine, radio, trade journal, tech publications, interviews, and blogs worldwide. Our expert research team utilizes and combines the hands on experience of investigators with years of investigative, security, and risk management experience coupled with significant collegiate scholastic and post graduate course work.

This is indeed our formula for success that puts us ahead of our competition which only offer instant point and click do-it-yourself database results. Our reports are compiled using several different databases. These databases contain billions of records across a variety of subject matter.

It is necessary to conduct research across a number of databases with correct, true, full, and accurate subject information in order to receive the best results. We are a diverse proactive forward thinking company as we strive to stay on top of every new search technique and database available while staying abreast of new technologies and industry standards.

In the future we hope to gain and maintain significant market saturation within our industry by continuing to provide the best information available at the lowest possible price. We will continue to diversify our offerings and build competitive advantage through differentiation and customer satisfaction and retention.


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Patriot Software


Patriot Software payroll - 501 x 251



Love your business, but hate doing payroll? Patriot makes a difficult task easy while saving you time and money.

Our servers are protected by firewalls and secured by encryption techniques used by banks.

Quickly and securely run your payroll from any device that’s connected to the Internet.

Run payroll for hourly and/or salaried employees as often as you need to.

Easily set up time-off accrual rules. Time-off hours will be calculated and added to employees each payroll.

Customize your payroll to meet your needs — bonuses, commissions, tips, and more!

Finish your payroll in minutes with our streamlined 3-step process.

Payroll customers can easily add up to five pay rates (and descriptions) for each hourly employee.

Our monthly pricing will keep you free and clear of any contracts. Cancel anytime, without penalty.

Pay your employees with our free direct deposit, or use printed or handwritten paychecks, or cash.


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Earth Class Mail


Access Your Postal Mail Online - 300 x 250


We help you manage your postal mail online, so you have the freedom to focus on more important things.

Businesses and individuals today embrace the idea of going paperless — bringing efficiency to their operations and everyday lives.

By taking the hassle and frustration out of postal mail, we help our customers spend less time on administrative tasks to focus on what really matters.

Since 2004, Earth Class Mail has helped thousands of businesses and individuals, including companies like Zapier, Reddit, and Lyft, access and control their postal mail online, from anywhere.

Join thousands of businesses and individuals who use Earth Class Mail to access their postal mail online.

Thousands of companies have trusted us with over 16 million pieces of mail and $1.8 billion in checks.

Bring your business mail online with a virtual mailbox. Save time and money with our mail scanning service by automating labor intensive processes like sorting, opening, scanning, and check deposit.

Forward your mail to our secure processing facility using our virtual addresses and receive high-resolution PDFs that you can access anywhere.


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