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What exactly is Affiliate Marketing and how can I make money on the Internet by becoming an affiliate? How do I even go about creating such a business?

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing means that you are promoting the products or services of others in exchange for commissions when purchases are made.

Commission amounts can vary and are commonly offered from 30% to 75%, with 50% being considered about average.

Some commissions are recurring and can even be as high as 100%!

Once you join an affiliate program, you are provided with a link to use that contains your unique affiliate ID.

When you send someone to the product owner’s site through this link with your ID and a purchase is made, you receive a commission!

This is a mutual benefit for both yourself and the program owners because you both make money and the product owner receives greater exposure to new customers with minimal advertising expense.

The advantages of Affiliate Marketing that I love the most are, not having to worry about product creation, delivery issues, support, shipping, refunds, order processing and employees.

Last but not least are of course, the commissions!

Sit back, relax and grab a nice cup of coffee…

This e-book dives right in and details some simple methods that affiliate marketers use every day to build their business and ensure their immediate and long-term success.


Affiliate Jumpstart


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Subjects covered :-

Hosting & Domain Names

Choosing the Right Products to Promote

Affiliate Networks


Squeeze pages


Downline Builders

Manual Traffic Exchanges

Opt-in Safelists

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