60 Minutes Work, 25 Years Worth of Commissions

60 Minutes Work, 25 Years Worth of Commissions


I want to highlight the true POWER of search engine marketing, specifically SEO.

A member said to me, that you can’t just set a site up & stop adding content.

They said “sites simply disintegrate if you stop adding new stuff”.

But is this true?

I mean, admittedly it is best to continue adding new content, because you always want to GROW your site, right?

But what if you did just create a site, add content & leave it? Would it really “disintegrate”?

Well the answer is no – it wouldn’t – and hopefully this will highlight the HUGE potential of SEO, when it comes to making money.

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The basis of this post was initially created on Wealthy Affiliate by Dale123

You can find more inspirational posts by this member, by typing their name into the search box at the site.

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