Affiliate Program Spreadsheet – be bothered keeping track

Many people are put off joining a lot of affiliate programs, because they can’t be bothered keeping track of what they have joined, what email address they used, their password and affiliate link.

Also, if it’s a program where they have sending privileges, they forget when to send, how many credits they need to send and when.

Below you will find a link to download a straightforward spreadsheet which will help you do all of above

This is totally FREE and there is no need for signing-up to anything.

You may find you are already a member of a few of the programs, but if you haven’t already got them well-organised somewhere, you can use this spreadsheet to tidy things up.


How Do I Use The Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet comes with many already installed links to a lot of common programs.

If you’re not interested in any particular programs you can just ignore or delete them, but yet again may want to keep them for future use.


Successful Business Training


Affiliate Link Column

If already a member of the program, just change it to your details.

If you wish to join, then follow the link, join up and then modify the link to your details.


Username And Password Columns

Edit in your Username, ID (useful to have for future downline builder applications) and you may or may not wish to record your password here.

This would be highly un-recommended for programs which have financial aspects for example, but should be OK for less sensitive programs or applications.


Prosperity Marketing System


Free Resources Linked

You will also find several free resources listed and linked, which are all free to pick-up, if you follow the links


Sending Details If Program Allows

Keep a record of credits next send available and how often


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Other Uses

This can be passed on to other people, if you wish

get your social links in one place

your favourite entertainment sites

promo codes

interesting ClickBank programs


How To Download

Just click the link and the file will either go to your Downloads folder or ask you where you wish to Save the file.

If you duff it up or delete it or whatever just download it again and I’ll probably have added new stuff on it anyway, but not your links sorry.


The #1 Writing Tool


Get Your Affiliate Programs Spreadsheet Now

Affiliate Programs Spreadsheet


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