Viral Ads.. Viral Traffic.. Viral Commissions!

New Viral Advertising System Delivers Free Banner Ads & Text Ads And Even Pays Out Fast Commissions

I’ve got something you’re just gonna LOVE!

It’s traffic and commissions gone viral with the new viral exchange Viral Commissions!

They’ve gone to extreme lengths to make this site as viral as possible, which means more leads, subscribers, and sales for you!

They also have highly effective Solo ads which go out to all active members making it even easier for you to put more subscribers on your list!

Quick commissions and viral traffic for your sites, what more could you ask for?

Come get your share of Viral Commissions now!

Start Cost :- Free

Site Owner :- Marci Jones-Fritz

Approx. Membership :- 8,600

Promo Tools :- yes

Download Gifts :- yes


Ads Out In Rotation

We all know the name of the game is getting your ads out in rotation in as many places as possible.

So how do you do that without breaking your budget or slaving for hours clicking for credits?

Just add a little bit of VIRAL advertising to the mix and watch your hit counter soar!

But that’s not the only thing that’s got me excited about Viral Commissions…

I get my commissions fast when one of my new referrals upgrades!

How’s that for a quick fix to your cash flow problems?


Viral Ads.. Viral Traffic.. Viral Commissions!


Power Of Viral To Work

Immediately Get Traffic To Promote Your Offers, Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, Splash Pages And More!

Don’t moan about not having enough traffic or commissions!

Get over to Viral Commissions now and put the power of viral to work for YOU!

Get your $200 In Free Banner Ads & Text Link Ads!


Free Membership

Free Membership Includes…

A Daily Chance To Win Prizes Just For Browsing Ads

Access To Our Unique Advertising System That Helps You Get Traffic Fast!

Send Solo Emails to Other Members!

Send Credit Emails to Other Members!

Ability to Earn Credits For Referring Others

Ability To Earn Additional Free Advertising

Ability To Earn Commissions!


Viral Ads.. Viral Traffic.. Viral Commissions!


Referral Builder

Banners and text ads are rotated throughout our site.

Members are given an incentive of extra credits for viewing them.

If you have joined any or all of the programs listed, when one of your referrals to Viral Commissions also goes to that page, and decides to join a program that you are also in, they join under your referral link for that site.


Solo Emails

One of the simple things that will set Viral Commissions apart is that members will only receive solo emails from other members.

This is something that will end up being very refreshing for those members that already have memberships to 20, 30+ sites..

Members will be incentivized to view and click ads because we’ll have a module in place so that anyone that clicks more than 50 ads in a day will be entered into a drawing to win cool prizes like credits, banners, text ads or even CASH!

Prizes will be added into the member’s account and members will be notified by email when they win.

Members can win more than once per month and can qualify every day just by clicking on at least 50 ads in 24hrs!


Viral Ads.. Viral Traffic.. Viral Commissions!


Promo Code Redemption

At the top of the Setup Ads section is a promo code redemption box.

Several sites also offer exclusive promo codes for Viral Commissions as bonuses to their members.

If you have a code for Viral Commissions, just type it in the box and click the ‘redeem promo code’ button.

If it is a valid code, your advertising will be added immediately upon redemption.


Instant Traffic And Exposure

In The Next 15 Minutes You’ll Be Fully Set Up & Ready To Get Instant Traffic And Get Paid To Give Away Free Advertising With Our 100% FREE Advertising System!

Enjoy the instant traffic and exposure with almost no effort whatsoever. You can setup your ads in just minutes and get quick results with our easy-to-follow system! We’ve made it real simple here!

Join, Setup Your Ads, Promote! Earn Commissions & Advertising! No Confusing System To Learn ..Simple!

To Your Success,


Viral Ads.. Viral Traffic.. Viral Commissions!


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