Updating Old Content Helps Increase Rank

Updating Old Content Helps Increase Rank


Recently I’ve been working on updating old posts across my websites.

Though I’ve been learning affiliate marketing for 10 years, I find mistakes and problems from things I wrote just a year or two ago.

I guess the good news is that it’s a clear sign that I’m always improving!

Throughout all this updating, I’ve seen a LOT of my rankings improve, even in some unlikely areas.

One of my best examples of how updating content helped me increase rank was a two-word keyword phrase for a “review” post.

Usually, when you try to rank, it’s important to pick out 3-5 words for your phrase, AKA “long tail keywords”.

They are more specific topics, therefore less competitive, and easier to rank for.

There’s nothing wrong with going a Hail Mary every once in a while though!

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The basis of this post was initially created on Wealthy Affiliate by Nathaniell

You can find more inspirational posts by this member, by typing their name into the search box at the site.

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