Genius Lander – Attention Segmentation Proposition Action

100% Confidential – Private Invitation

‘Top Secret’ Heads Up:

Later this year (or next year) the team at Promote Labs will be publicly launching a game changing, new software platform called ‘Genius Lander’

It’s going to revolutionize the way people create LANDING PAGES and BUILD LISTS!

As you can imagine I’m super excited. (It’s been blowing the minds of all the beta testers and trying not to shout about results been driving everyone crazy!!!)

Now here’s the really exciting news… BEFORE this goes public, I’ve been allowed to invite you as a valued reader of mine to try it out 🙂

If you’re list building, run marketing or ad campaigns and want to segment your audience with laser like precision (or simply want to get LOTS more eyeballs on your offers) then you should look at this now.

This insider’s preview is time sensitive and the links will expire soon.

If you want to see how we’ve been cranking out record breaking, ULTRA HIGH CONVERTING PAGES then CLICK BELOW NOW.


Do You Need A Bigger/Better List?

Okay, stupid question right?…

If you’re promoting products or services online, your mailing list should be a PRIMARY revenue generator!

Email marketing accounts for about 80% of our annual income, but list building has been getting tougher and that downward trend doesn’t look set to change any time soon.

In fact, that’s why for the last 12 months the team at Promote Labs has been working behind the scenes on a new, list building platform called ‘Genius Lander’

– You can build out email capture pages in just seconds.

– The pages look VERY DIFFERENT to anything else around.

– It uses a secret formula to get MASSIVE conversions.


Well it’s not publicly for sale yet (they launch in a few months time) but since I know them well, you can click below right now to get a sneak peek

Different right? 🙂

It uses a powerful list tripling formula called ‘A.S.P.A.’ and next I’ll explain what that is.

But for now, JUST CLICK HERE AND CHECK OUT THE PAGE (try it out yourself and see what happens – and do it now because there’s a BIG surprise waiting for you when you opt-in) 🙂


Genius Lander - ASPA - Attention Segmentation Proposition Action


The Secret A.S.P.A. Formula (And Why You Need It NOW!)

That weird little page has out-converted all the other ‘conventional’ landing pages the team at Promote Labs has tested it against –

Not just by a little – But by a factor of 3:1

HOW? Well it uses a combination of slick timings, simple text and a powerful conversion boosting formula called ‘A.S.P.A.’ –

And if you need bigger, better targeted and more responsive email lists… you need to pay attention to this now.


You’ve probably seen for yourself that building a list is getting harder.

There’s so much competition around for your audience these days you need to work hard to stand a chance of getting people to opt-in to your lists.

Or… You need to work SMART!

I chose ‘smart’ rather than ‘hard’ (sensible choice right?) – So just over a year ago they began working on something VERY different.

It’s why they now use PAGES LIKE THIS to build our lists.

Here’s why they switched:

It seems like there’s a million and one landing page builders to choose from these days.

Some are better than others in terms of pricing and features, but most create decent looking template based pages.

They look good, they’re relatively easy to use and you don’t need any design experience.

‘drag and drop’ your way to riches right 🙁

You probably own at least one or two software tools like this already?

But that’s actually A BIG PART of the problem.

Everyone’s pages LOOK THE FREAKIN SAME!


A Big Turn Off!

Same layouts, similar colors, similar styles – Your visitors have seen them before (a thousand times before)

And when everyone is doing the same thing it becomes a BIG TURN OFF!

Here’s why it happens… The people making these page builders are often design or coding specialists.

But they’re NOT conversion specialists.

And that means that their focus is fixed on creating pages that look ‘pretty’.

Or they see a page builder that’s selling well and they copy it – And their software ‘clones’ create pages that are effectively clones of the pages made by other builders.

Yes you might have a tool that makes it easy to build a page.

BUT HOW BIG / HOW PROFITABLE / HOW SUCCESSFUL is your email marketing as a result?

For most marketers we talk too the answer is not big enough, not profitable enough and nowhere near as successful as they’d like it to be.

People’s lists are getting smaller, less responsive, less profitable… and it’s only getting worse.

It’s why YOU NEED TO GET SMART and start using A.S.P.A.

While the rest of the industry zags you need to zig!

CLICK HERE now to see one of the new pages and opt-in to discover why A.S.P.A. really is the secret to making email marketing work for you.


Genius Lander - ASPA - Attention Segmentation Proposition Action


The Smart Way to Get More Leads

List Building On Steroids! (have you seen this?)

Want More Subscribers? (check this out)

If you want more subscribers and you’d like them right now… then you’re going to love Genius Lander!

The software’s mix of proven psychology & smart coding combined with real simplicity of use means you’ll have everything mastered in minutes and ready to SMASH previous opt-in conversion rates from the first day you use it.

HOWEVER… it’s NOT generally available to the public yet 🙁

But don’t worry (because they’ve let me share this with you).


Want Bigger Profits? Kickstart Your Communication …

The truth is, you don’t have a business if you’re not communicating with your prospects and customers.

This includes everything from sales copy to blog articles to social media posts and customer service replies but most importantly it’s your EMAIL MARKETING messages.

Whatever business you’re in, whatever niche you serve, the key to boosting your conversion rates is to develop relationships with your prospects.

(That’s because people who know, like and trust you are more likely to spend money with you.)

Everything begins with that first opt-in and that means it’s ESSENTIAL you get it right…

… Here’s how we’re creating pages to build our lists with right now (it’s a very non conventional approach), take a look:

(opt-in and see what happens) 🙂

As you’ll discover, Genius Lander’s ability to segment and target the perfect prospects for your business not only delivers better quality leads, but it’s laying the foundations for increased profits and more sales for you long term!

Try it for yourself right now – CLICK HERE to See a Page in Action


Genius Lander - ASPA - Attention Segmentation Proposition Action


Limited Time To Get In Early

If you’ve not yet checked out the private invite for Genius Lander then you need to do it today!

When you take advantage of this ‘Early Adopter’ access you’ll also get all these EXTRA BENEFITS:

– 100% Free Landing Page Hosting

– Unlimited Pages / Campaigns

– No Monthly Fees (save $707 every year)

– Valuable VIP Bonuses and Memberships


The public launch of Genius Lander is still several months away so this could be the last chance to start using this incredibly powerful list building tool before everyone else.


100% Guaranteed!

We Think Genius Lander Can Beat Every One Of Your Existing ‘Control’ Pages Built In ANY Other Platform – 100% GUARANTEED!

If within 10 minutes of using Genius Lander, you aren’t blown away by how easy it is to use and it’s power to put more subscribers onto your list(s) than any other builder, then we insist you contact our support team for an instant, no-questions asked refund.

Or, if you find another platform that offers everything you get with Genius Lander at a lower price than you’re paying to join us for right now… then we’ll give you a full refund at any time during your 30 day test-drive. No questions, no quibbles, no fine print


Genius Lander - ASPA - Attention Segmentation Proposition Action


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